• We use automatic surface cleaning including acid washing to clean our canopies, and all of our canopies are made of galvanized metal sheets. The painting is done by Nano-technologic electrostatic powder coating technic with DIN EN ISO 9227 (1.000 Hour) salt spray certificate and it is durable against rust.
• By standard, KJ POWER produces canopies between 10 KVA to 2500+ KVA (Up to any power that you require with synchronized systems) with different canopy dimensions. Depending on the demands from customers; sound barriers inside canopies. High capacity fuel tanks (internal or external). The particular type of canopies which can be designed allowing air out from the top or front can be manufactured.
• In canopies, high levels of sound muting type of silencers are located in an isolated area to insulate heat which includes exhaust pipes and exhaust itself.


• On canopy walls; ISO certificated, heat and sound absorbent inflammable type of sponges are our standards. According to customers' demands. To achieve lower sound levels. Rockwool with perforated sheet metals can be used.
• Super silent canopies which have item numbers which are in Turkish Ministry of Environment and Urbanization are produced with 10 cm thickness Rockwool on canopy walls with perforated sheet metals.
• In chassis, 3 mm metal sheets are used and internal fuel tanks are standard. Double wall or different capacities of fuel tanks can be manufactured depending on customers' orders.
• The sound level attenuation can be improved by using sound barriers at the air inlet and air outlets depending on the customer's demands.
• The screws on gensets used are stainless and cannot be seen from outside of the canopy.
• Stainless steel hinges and locks are used on the doors of canopies.